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menopower cafe march 2023

The Menopower Cafe is becoming the Soul Cafe 🥳❤️

As you may know we have been running a non-profit monthly cafe (the ‘Menopower’ cafe) at our store since January 2022 to tackle all the various issues that our customers are facing surrounding the menopause.

We have had some fantastic speakers including the Founder of MPowder, Rebekah Brown, Author of ‘Men…Let’s talk Menopause’, Ruth Devlin and Dr Alex Sandringham, menopause specialist at Surrey Park Clinic. All have given their time for free to support our female community.  

Throughout the year, as we have enjoyed talking to our menopower community  and gained valuable insight and feedback, we have realised that although all women will go through the menopause at some stage, many of the topics covered look at general issues surrounding wellbeing and therefore apply to a much wider group of women. 

So, in collaboration with Rhian Coward, Founder of Essence Garden (pilates/yoga) Studio ( Emma Martin on Emma Martin Mindfulness (, we are now developing a programme of events with guest speakers to cover a much broader range of topics that affect the majority of women. The name of cafe will therefore change to the ’Soul Cafe’ to reflect the increased range of topics. 

These will include subjects like;

  1. Managing mood and anxious thoughts through mindfulness
  2. Finding your voice. Caring less about what others think and being true to yourself. 
  3. Nourishing the body and brain -How to reward our bodies with balanced diet and exercise
  4. Boundaries for self-care.
  5. Love, intimacy and connection - reclaiming your power.
  6. Insomnia/poor sleep - strategies for getting a better nights sleep 
  7. Parenting Teenagers & managing elderly/aging parents 
  8. There’s no planetB - practical ways you can help the planet on a daily basis 

The sessions will remain around 2 hours, the format of each session will stay flexible depending on the speaker and we will continue to host the events at Two Ducks in St.Johns Village. 

We hope you will join us in making these community, nonprofit events a success and support us in our mission to improve wellbeing for our customers. 

If you have any further questions about the change or wish to nominate a relevant speaker, please feel free to email us at 

We always love to hear your thoughts too! 

Claire xx

 Our first event is on April 19th 2023 - Mindfulness for our mood, with Emma Martin - BOOK HERE! 

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