Little Botanical Strelitzia in XL Belly Basket 24cm

Little Botanical Strelitzia in XL Belly Basket 24cm

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Also known as the Bird of Paradise, this tropical plant is guaranteed to bring character to your home. When potted in our stylish Belly Baskets, it’s a thing of true beauty.


The Bird of Paradise AKA Strelitzia Nicolai requires a sunny spot but doesn’t like direct sunlight as the leaves could scorch. They like to be kept moist in the summer so should be watered weekly but don’t let it sit in water. In winter, let the soil at the top dry out in between watering. Brown tips can be caused by over-watering. It is normal for the leaves to split at the end, this also occurs naturally in the wild. Unlike the Bird of Paradise cut flower, if you are looking for flowers they are unlikely to appear as his plant needs at least 6 hours of sunlight a day to actually bloom.