We love any excuse to spend time with our customers and so host a wide range of different events, from (bubbly-fuelled!) shopping nights to home and fashion styling workshops.


We are running a series of 'themed' cafe events throughout 2022 including a menopause cafe and a  planet cafe. More details to below....


Menopower Cafe


No.1 Date and Time
Wednesday 26th January 19:30 BST SOLD OUT

No.2 Date and Time
Friday 25th February 12:00 BST SOLD OUT

No.3 Date and Time 
Wednesday 23rd March 19.30 BST - SOLD OUT

No.4 Date & Time
Wednesday 27th April 12:00pm BST - SOLD OUT

No.5 Date & Time
Wednesday 25th May 19:30pm BST - SOLD OUT

No.6 Date & Time
Wednesday 15th June 19:30pm BST - SOLD OUT

No.7 Date & Time
Wednesday 14th September 19:30pm BST - Buy Tickets Here


‘… Menopause Cafe. Genius! In a world that is full of disconnection this was a perfect tonic. Loving the conversations and the sense of community’

Sam Bunch, attendee 

The menopause cafe idea was started by a group of women in Perth, Scotland who wanted to meet together to drink coffee, eat cake and discuss the menopause. Their aim was to create a safe, relaxed space for women and men of all ages to discuss the issues surrounding the menopause - no sales, no profit, just a community of people having relevant discussions. 

Two Ducks has been given the go ahead to start a menopause cafe event in our shop in Woking, Surrey, and we are really excited about hosting it. 

We will be hosting a cafe once a month, the first one will be an evening event, the second a lunchtime and so on, to enable as many people to attend as would like to.

The event tickets are £5, which includes a tea/coffee and a homemade cake! ☕️🧁

In addition to the menopause cafe, we aim to have a wonderful guest speaker at each event. 

     Our next Menopower Café


    Menopause and the workplace  - Wednesday 14th September 19.00 BST


    For our September menopause cafe we are super lucky to have guest speaker,  Amantha King. Amantha is the founder of Amantha King Coaching, an ABNLP Certified NLP coach, strengths development consultant, applied biologist, keynote speaker, Mental Health First Aider (Youth & Adult MHFA), strengths master, menopause coach and facilitator. 
    By looking at the whole person, Amantha creates positive transformations that have lifelong positive outcomes. Amantha is driven in educating and providing support for women transitioning through menopause and is an advocate for sharing best practice within organisations who are looking to support their teams through positive menopause actions. 
    Amantha is very open about her own personal experience of menopause and is a regular speaker on the topics of women’s health and mental health in UK and Europe. 
    Amantha will be facilitating a session for us on menopause and the workplace. Has the menopause affected your work life? Your career prospects? How you feel about yourself in mid-life, where you think you’re going, what’s next for you now? With her wealth of knowledge about the menopause, she will also be able to answer broader queries and questions regarding things like HRT, allergies, hormone balance and more. 
    Amantha is also a MHFA and an advocate for Mental Health and is proud to be a member of the Mental Health Steering Group at Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. 


                                                      Past Events

    Our first Menopause Cafe guest speaker was a real gem - Katie Philips - Founder, The School of self love.

                                        Katie philips entrepreneur speaker coach

    Katie is an experienced speaker and presenter who regularly provides expert comment to the media on the topic of love and relationships, as well as presenting and hosting events in the women's wellbeing and empowerment space.  Her mission is to inspire and motivate women to live a life that feels aligned, empowered and valuable.

    She has coached myriad women from around the globe since 2010 when she founded The School of Self Love for women ready to learn a more authentic, aligned and empowered way of doing life. 


     Friday 25th February 2022 12pm BST

    (Photo credit: Hester Barnes)
    We are delighted to welcome Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding (Ati) aka @surreyhillswellness to be our guest speaker on the 25th February.
    Ati is an Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist. She is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT (tapping) therapist. 
    Ati who works with groups, individuals, couples and children is passionate about supporting women going through the menopause journey. 
    Ati’s started her menopause journey 4 years ago. After having years of debilitating endometriosis Ati had an emergency hysterectomy that induced a surgical menopause. 
     Ati was part of Holland & Barrett’s campaign to raise awareness about the menopause.
    During this session Ati will talk about what self care means for her. How compassion & intuition play a necessary role in this and what we can do to incorporate EASE into our lives.
    Following Ati’s half an hour talk we will have the menopause cafe for an hour where you will be able to ask her questions. 

    Wednesday 23rd March 2022 19.30pm BST


    If you listen to your body when it whispers, it won’t need to scream’ — Heather Sophia Gordon Athié, Caluna Wellness.

    We are delighted to announce that for March’s menopause event, we have guest speaker Rebekah Brown, Founder of artisan supplement company MPowder. 

    MPowder is the world’s first plant-based supplement powder range crafted to target the three distinct biochemical stages of the menopause.

    Their recipes use only plant based nutrients, botanical extracts and vitamin sources to give our bodies what they need through the three stages of menopause. 

    Rebekah will lead us in a ‘Hormone House Party’ which will provide a whistle stop tour through the menopause lifestage; demystifying the symptoms through an exploration of the biochemistry and pausing to discuss individual concerns, experiences and share the evidence of what works. How fab is that?

    As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we also have Rhian and Lou from Essence Garden Studio in St.Johns. Rhian and Lou are an expert team teaching yoga and pilates from their studio down the road. They will be leading us in 20 minutes of yoga Nidra (yoga sleep), to relax us at the end of the menopause cafe session, ready for a fabulous nights sleep. 

    What more could you want!? 


    Menopower Cafe Wednesday 27th April 2022 12.00pm SOLD OUT
    For the April lunchtime menopause cafe we will be talking about the menopause and sex with counsellor Lisa Charter. Lisa is a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, qualified in Humanistic counselling and fully-certified. She's been successfully counselling clients experiencing anxiety, depression, family issues, sex and relationship issues, bereavement, loss and trauma as well as facilitating their self-growth. 
    We may chat about any of the following but please feel free to submit questions in advance;
    • How do hot flushes affect my libido?
    • Is it normal not to want to have sex? 
    • Does testosterone cream help with libido ?
    • What changes should I expect to my vagina with menopause? 
    • I want more sex than my partner, is that normal?                


    Menopower Cafe Wednesday 25th May 2022 19.30pm BST SOLD OUT


    For the May menopause cafe, we want to Introduce Nutritional Health Coach , Kate Thompson from Impact Family Health
    Kate will share her own menopause journey as well as;
    • Dispel some frequent myths about the menopause
    • Explain how you can support yourself nutritionally at this point in your life
    • Explain the following occurrences -  oestrogen dominance, progesterone sensitivity and the progesterone ‘steal’
    • Discuss HRT and whether it is it the only answer
    • Discuss how our metabolism changes during the menopause and why we get the middle age spread and is it a given!


    Find your Spring Mojo


    Two Ducks Fashion & Beauty Evening
    Thursday 17th March 19.30pm 2022 BST 

    Come along to a an exclusive night of bubbles, fashion, skincare and make-up chat.
    Join Philippa Pearne, former beauty editor of Glamour magazine/Cosmopolitan and now Founder of My Beauty Editor and Claire Leigh, Founder of Two Ducks lifestyle store for a night of outfit styling, skincare/make-up techniques and troubleshooting.
    • Feeling inspired to get a new outfit for the spring/summer? (Mother’s Day/Wedding/Holiday/30th/40th/50th birthday party?) 
    • Wondering what accessories to pair with it? 
    • Looking at your make-up bag with a ‘meh’ 😒?
    • Wondering why your skin is doing what it’s doing?
    Tickets are £10, £5 is redeemable against any purchase on the night. 

    L’Occitane freebie on the night courtesy of Philippa. 
    A glass of fizz (or two) upon arrival 🥂

    Menopower Cafe Wednesday 15th June 2022 19.30pm BST


    Our June 'Menopower' cafe will be focusing on the skin during peri menopause and menopause and our guest speaker will be Holly Mason of The Skin Investment Clinic. 

    Skin changes during perimenopause and menopause can be both uncomfortable and distressing.

    Lowering hormone levels and depleting supplies of collagen can have a big impact and make the skin prone to thinning, sagging, enlarged pores, pigmentation, and acne.

    Skin specialist Holly Mason of The Skin Investment Clinic firmly believes menopause does not have to be miserable when it comes to skin woes. 

    By simply recognising and understanding the changes in the skin and knowing what treatments and products work, Holly is 100% confident that women can enjoy beautiful and healthy skin during perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

    Holly is the owner of The Skin Investment Clinic, based in the beautiful village of Tilford, Surrey, where she also lives with her husband and two young children. She has written articles and editorials on skincare and is the author of Proven Secrets, Eliminating Acne and Acne Scarring.

    Joining Holly is Dr. Alex Standring of The Surrey Park Clinic. Dr. Standring is a local GP and menopause specialist on the British Menopause Society register. She has an interest in women’s health, and strongly believes all women should have access to informed medical advice and personalised treatments for their menopause. 

    Cocktail Masterclass with Tom Flanagan, owner of Tattam’s cocktail bar. 

    Discover the art behind cocktail making as you create three different cocktails designed exclusively for this class. Using a premium range of spirits, you’ll be shaking, stirring and blending like a pro by the end of the night.

    Kicking things off with a glass of bubbles on arrival to fuel the creativity, you’ll get an early opportunity to start your Christmas shopping with a 10% discount on gifts* before you head to the Two Ducks ‘blending room’.

    *Excludes fashion/shoes

    Date and time
    Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 19:30 BST

    On the Evening:
    -90min cocktail class
    -Learn how to make 3 different cocktails designed for the class with guidance from an expert mixologist

    This cocktail making workshop is strictly for persons 18+


    Macrame Making Workshop

    Come to Two Ducks and create a chic macrame plant hanger to give your home a beautiful boho vibe. 

    Macrame is a very satisfying and versatile hobby, and this class is a great introduction to the craft. You'll learn the basic skills you need to create sennits or chains of knots to create your own unique macrame plant hanger, while enjoying a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a cup of coffee/tea (and cake, of course!).

    Meet the tutor : Jacqui Cowlard is a keen crafter with 20 years of experience designing with different materials.  Her current passion is creating bespoke macrame pieces for the home and she can’t wait to share these with you. 

    Date and time
    Thursday, 14th October 2021, 19:30 BST



    All our workshops include refreshments and materials.

    As things remain uncertain in these COVID times, all our classes are still small with a total of 8-10 people and comply with current COVID-19 guidelines. 

    If by any reason the event is cancelled, the ticket price will be credited to your account and redeemable in store. If the event needs to be rescheduled we will do everything in our power to find a new date that suits everyone.

    *If you feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms do not attend the event. 

    *Please have your PDF tickets or Apple wallet tickets (sent via email when purchased) open and ready to scan on the evening of the event. 


    We can’t wait to welcome you into our new space! Here is what a few people have been saying about it:

    “… the space that Claire and the team have created is just divine..”

    “..loved the class size; was perfect.”

    “ felt we were lucky to be in such a small and elite class..”

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