Pampeano Brown Leather Bracelet with Azules Stitching- Medium/Large

Pampeano Brown Leather Bracelet with Azules Stitching- Medium/Large

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There’s no need to be blue with the luxury leather Azules bracelet from Pampeano.

This bracelet is decorated in their best-selling Azules style, which is inspired by the breathe-taking skies of Argentina - from the clear blue skies over Buenos Aires during the day, to the inky blue sky which reaches across the plains at night.

The Azules bracelet is handmade by local artisans in La Pampa, Argentina: pampeano’s home. The top-grain Argentine cow leather is hand-picked, then undergoes a traditional vegetable tanning process to ensure its Havana brown colour, butter-soft quality, and durability. Then it is intricately stitched together, taking several hours, using high quality wax-dipped saddlery threads. The sides are then delicately painted black. Then it is completed with the antique brass hardware and stamped with the iconic pampeano logo, our seal of approval. This pampa diamond motif is inspired by the soaring peaks and valleys of the ancient Andes mountain range.

The bracelet is 1.5cm wide, and comes in 19.5cm-22.5cm