Little Botanical Medium Fiddle Leaf Fig

Little Botanical Medium Fiddle Leaf Fig

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The popular Fiddle Leaf Fig is already Insta-famous and is now available in a medium grey pot. It perfectly suits our textured grey houseplant pot. This beauty is stunning to look at with its large paddle-shaped leaves. Pop it in a corner of your room to add instant style. Make sure it’s in a bright spot but not in direct sunlight and water once every 7-10 days. Be careful not to over water this beauty as it doesn’t like soggy feet.

Note: Any brown marking on the back of leaves is a natural occurrence and will grow out as the leaves mature.


This Fiddle Leaf Fig needs approximately one cup of water once a week to 10 days and only once the top 3-4 inches of soil is dry. Please ensure the plant is kept out of the draught. This plant likes a well-lit spot in your home. Don’t forget to dust those huge paddle shaped leaves occasionally.